Puneeta B. Chouhan

The growth trajectory of Hill Top School in the past few years has been decidedly spectacular. The transformation of the classrooms into techno savvy Smart Classes and the addition of the 3D lab have revolutionized the quality of teaching and pedagogy completely. The 36 room new block stands tall: mute evidence to the Evolutionary Spirit dominating the school.

The school this year is the proud recipient of the International School Award conferred by the British Council in recognition of the work done through international collaboration. Moreover this award comes after the successful participation of Hill Top School in other international partnerships under UKIERI (U.K India Education Research Initiative) & GSP (Global Schools Programme), both under the banner of British Council... read more »


Grignard Reagent (for classes 11 & 12)

Introduction: The Grignard reagent is considered one of the most important tool used in the preparation of almost all classes of organic compounds. Barbier (1899) discovered the reagent as a solution obtained by dissolving magnesium in ethereal more

Revision Work Sheet(2) for Standard 10

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. Solve the problems given in the worksheet and meet success in board exams. REVISION WORK SHEET(2) FOR STANDARD more


Future Beckons the Youth

The freedom to move forward to new opportunities comes from living in the present and not the past. So is the case with today’s teens. Growing population, growing competition, some may say. But growing population could actually be the best more

One Fatal Night…

I was a dark, stormy night. The wind howled and huge gusts of wind blew into the small room through the broken windows. At certain intervals, the wind also brought in showers of rain. I was in the middle of the dilapidated room, yawning and trying more