Puneeta B. Chouhan

The growth trajectory of Hill Top School in the past few years has been decidedly spectacular. The transformation of the classrooms into techno savvy Smart Classes and the addition of the 3D lab have revolutionized the quality of teaching and pedagogy completely. The 36 room new block stands tall: mute evidence to the Evolutionary Spirit dominating the school.

The school this year is the proud recipient of the International School Award conferred by the British Council in recognition of the work done through international collaboration. Moreover this award comes after the successful participation of Hill Top School in other international partnerships under UKIERI (U.K India Education Research Initiative) & GSP (Global Schools Programme), both under the banner of British Council... read more »


Start Up India Campaign for Future Leaders

A leader is an individual who influences and guides the efforts and work of a group of people who are his followers. Leadership is the ability to induce people to work with confidence and zeal. The government of India is also trying to promote more

Tips for Physics & Sample ISC Question

The quantum of success is measured by competitive examinations in today’s competitive world. Science has become the need of the hour and PHYSICS the core element to a successful career. Smart work is the cutting edge in the BOARD examination. more


Embrace Hope

Hope, thou must not abandon, amidst this imbroglio nor succumb to this tempestuous streak of torment when your voice turns fragile before this crescendo. Thou ought to pulverize this figment of sound and see the silver living in the dark clouds, more

Future Beckons the Youth

The freedom to move forward to new opportunities comes from living in the present and not the past. So is the case with today’s teens. Growing population, growing competition, some may say. But growing population could actually be the best more